Educational offer

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The Theological Faculty of Triveneto consists of two university courses:

Both courses offer a theological and humanistic formation achieved studying philosophy, Bible, history, theology and human sciences.

Both courses are open to laymen and laywomen.

Professional profiles

The main professional outlet is teaching Catholic religion in all schools.
The Faculty programs help to form competent instructive figures who are going to serve church and society.
The Faculty courses aim to qualify and update pastoral operators and the candidates to ordained ministry.

In the two Faculty courses (Theology and Religious Sciences) the university program aims to develop intellectual maturity, spiritual freedom and solidarity which are necessary for a conscious personal, social and ecclesiastical improvement.

Teachers of Catholic religion

Most of our students long for a career as teachers of Catholic religion in all private and public schools. Thus our study program offers complete and articulated courses of pedagogy, didactic, school-theory, school legislation and two-year training in public schools with qualified tutors.

International mobility

Many foreign students are coming from all over the continents and choose this faculty for their studies. Romania, Ghana, India, France, Togo, Brazil, Ivory Coast, Ukraine, Ecuador, Sri Lanka, Chile and Australia are the most represented countries. The Solomon Islands (Oceania) are the farthest ones.
After being educated at the Faculty a number of Italian students decide to spend their proficiency in international cooperation, humanitarian projects, missionary activities and voluntary work. Others decide to serve local churches as pastoral assistants (Swiss and Germany).

Cultural, theological and spiritual in-depth study

Young people and adults may sign for single courses as auditors. They do it for personal interest in fundamental and current themes ranging from Bible to ethics, from religious pluralism to a debate between theology and sciences and from social sciences to art.

Teachers’ updating and formation

The Faculty is accredited at the MIUR according to the Guidelines 170/2016. A number of courses are loaded in the operating system SOPHIA.

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