Theological course

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Seat of Padua

The Seat of Padua offers a complete and systematic knowledge of all the questions and achievements in Christian Theology. In a dialogue with philosophy and human sciences, this course is intended as a research on God’s mystery, on the world vision and on man and life.

The Faculty is open to laymen, laywomen, members of religious orders and clergymen.

First Cycle The five-year course qualifies for a Baccalaureate in Theology. It is acknowledged as graduation diploma.

Second Cycle The two-year course qualifies for a Licentia in Theology. Two specializations are available:

  • Pastoral theology
  • Spiritual theology

Third Cycle Three additional years offer a final improvement in the study and research of theology. This course qualifies for the Doctorate in Theology.


Other seats – Associated Theological Institutes

In the following associated theological institutes, the courses qualify for the Baccalaureate in Theology.
These courses are for seminarians only.